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LDPE, Low Density PolyEthylene. This is a soft, tough and flexible film, which is excellent for sealing and printing (after special treatment). The printing is done on the flexo print machines, but when necessary deep copper printing is also possible.

HDPE, High Density PolyEthylene. This is a stiff, but also light and crackly film. HDPE is stiffer, harder and has a lesser wax feeling than LDPE. The strength is better, but is also easier to tear apart than LDPE.

MDPE, a mix of the former two. The composition of the two can be compiled according to your wishes. MDPE has the advantages of LDPE and HDPE, like soft and tough, but also stiff and difficult to tear apart. This film is also excellent for sealing and printing.

PP, PolyPropylene. This material is harder, has a higher melting point than LDPE and has one of the lowest densities of plastics. Polypropylene is crystal clear and stiff, and therefore excellent to use on among other things transwarp-machines.


When thinking of film you have to think about film, tube- and open tube film, but also about sheets on a roll or loose. These products are available in all sorts of materials. Stretch film belongs to the films as well, but is only available in LDPE. However there are different LDPE-qualities, like the normal stretch film and the power stretch film.
But we can also have a buffer stock at your disposal

The word says it all, but there are different possibilities. You can think, for example, of bags on a roll, bags loose in a box, bags on a block, carrier-bags, Big-Bags, etc..

There is a big diversity available in bags. The shrink-covers for packing a pallet are the best known. But we also have the S-covers for the construction industry, English-covers for the furniture industry, top covers, etc… available to you.

Hi-Tech goes about special packages, like bags with zippers, vacuum bags, laminated packages, vacuum film, airfilm, etc…

And there is more…

RVC can also deliver your tape, strapping-band, etc…

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